ER Good Causes ER Good CausesFollowing his Christian beliefs, Russell Macmillan, a registered blind man, and a few trusted friends, set up ERGoodCauses. He wished to say "thank you" for the CURING of both his TYPE-1-INSULIN-DIABETES and his KIDNEY FAILURE, thanks to a "LIFE SAVING"
double transplant in Jan 2007, which cost the NHS £70,000.


For his second gift of life, he wished to thank God, and honour the memory of the organ donor, by using the two organs to "live on" and "Love our Neighbours".



ER Good Causes


Birth Story of ERGC at Stamperland Church


Discussing organ donation on STV




Russell's Commonwealth story


ITV Holding out for a hero TV show


STV Glasgow News TV - Milestone 1500+


As of March 2019, the two organs have helped 2140 individual people by giving out £410,000+ worth of goods, to "Good Causes" as identified by frontline staff in East Renfrewshire; £409,373 purchased. £819,373+ given out so far.


Please help Russell in trying to repay his debt to society by donating to the charity. We'd like to thank our growing army of supporters and invite you to join us today.


Our registered office is 8 Blackfarm Road, Newton Mearns, Glasgow, G77 5HT. Scottish Charity Number - SC038233.


Holding out for a hero