"Whilst speaking to residents during the election campaign, it became very clear to me how grateful the local community were to East Renfrewshire Good Causes for the work they are doing. To have helped as many people as they have, over a 10 year period, is outstanding and I look forward to working with them as East Renfrewshire's MP".
Paul Masterton MP, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire


"As the leader of East Renfrewshire Council, I am very pleased to add my personal support to the wonderfull work that ERGoodCauses carries out in our own area since its launch in 2007. This excellent, grass roots, community based charity does so much work to bring all aspects of our community together, to help each other, and I’m delighted its existence helps compliment and add to the resources available for frontline staff, to distribute out to our neighbours in East Renfrewshire. I would encourage everyone to support ERGoodCauses as its our local charity for all in ER".
Tony Buchanan (SNP) Leader of East Renfrewshire Council


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes is a real force for good right across the local area, and it's been great to get involved with the team through our development of new homes that are coming soon in Maidenhill and see first-hand the impact their support has for a whole host of beneficiaries. Their energy to go the extra mile for every deserving cause is truly remarkable, and I'm looking forward to adding my support in order to promote the good work that they do and spreading the word even further".
Audrey Ross, Sales and Marketing Director for Taylor Wimpey West Scotland


"I have watched the achievements of ERGoodCauses over many years, and now after being recently elected as a councillor to serve the constituents of Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham, I look forward to working in conjunction with this excellent local charity, to help plug some of the gaps we have. As a community, I believe we are better by pulling together for the greater good, and I would encourage everyone to back the efforts of ERGoodCauses".
Caroline Bamforth, SNP Councillor Ward No. 5 Newton Mearns South & Eaglesham


"The mission of East Renfrewshire Good Causes - ERGC - is a beautiful example of what the Christian life looks like when alive and active in our modern world; following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ in loving our neighbour as ourselves. The nature of modern society is that quite often some of our brothers and sisters fall between the gaps of state provided care and support. ERGC, with the aid of trained frontline staff, pull the resources of a whole host of local individuals, groups, and businesses to answer the call of those most in need in our local area. We would encourage everyone to get involved in this great example of outreach".
Father Stephen, Saint Josephs in Clarkston


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes does an invaluable job in helping many needy and deserving people in East Renfrewshire. At a time when funding is very tight Russell Macmillan with his hard working fundraising efforts has been able to add substantial sums of money to our aids and adaptations programme of work. This has allowed many people to benefit from projects in their home that have greatly added to the quality of their life. Russell has built up considerable knowledge of what is needed locally in East Renfrewshire and working in tandem with East Renfrewshire Council has helped and continues to help those in greatest need. We are all very grateful for his considerable fundraising efforts".
Jim Fletcher, Provost, East Renfrewshire Council


"I would like to thank you for the help you provide to a very wide range of East Renfrewshire children and young people. From the feedback given by our schools, I know that they and the young people value and appreciate the assistance that is given. It is chastening to read about the many difficulties and barriers some of our children, young people and families face and I am immensely grateful for East Renfrewshire Good Causes work in responding to those needs. I know that several of our schools support ERGoodCauses as one of their nominated charities and I hope these relationships continue. Thank you again on behalf of our children and young people".
Mhairi Shaw, Director of Education for East Renfrewshire Council


"Throughout the years, East Renfrewshire Good Causes has had a rewarding and practical working relationship with Cosgrove Care. East Renfrewshire Good Causes has always been very generous in supporting people that use the services of Cosgrove Care and speaking for these people I am extremely appreciative for the improvements that have been brought to their lives and the lives of their families".
Walter Hecht, CEO Cosgrove Care


"RAMH are delighted to work in partnership with ERGC, as this has enable many of the people who access out services to obtain additional resources from ERGC. With this assistance, a lot of people across East Renfrewshire have benefitted as well as their extended families".
Stephen McLellan, Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Association for Mental Health – RAMH (covers East Renfrewshire)


"Scottish Water was delighted we were able to use our volunteering programme, and working closely with ER Good Causes, assist one of their residents, with decorating two rooms. Our volunteers really enjoyed this experience. It allowed them to do something different during their working day but more importantly it helped someone in the community who otherwise would not have been able to get this work done. Our volunteering programme was launched in spring 2011 and has proved to be very popular with our employees who are given up to two days to volunteer to help in our communities. We hope to work with ER Good Causes in 2013 and beyond".
Fiona Burley, Scottish Water Volunteer Programme Coordinator


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes charity never fails to bring about positive change in our community. Without their support and contributions, it would not be possible for some of our pupils to participate in activities with their peers. They provide donations to allow our school to run a breakfast club which provides support for many pupils in our care. Their dedication and commitment to the charity is clearly evident and very much appreciated by everyone in our school. We are delighted to support the charity and work together to make our community and local area a better place. Thank you to all involved for making a difference".
Samantha Kennedy, Depute Head Teacher, Mearns Primary School


"I am delighted to support the work of Russell Macmillan and East Renfrewshire Good Causes. In times of difficulty the most vulnerable local people are helped when sometimes this is not possible from the main Council departments. I can see the excellent job Russell and his team do from reports from local residents in Newton Mearns and beyond. These small but important measures make such a difference to people in crisis. Well done to you all".
Cllr Ian McAlpine, Newton Mearns South Ward, Scottish Labour, Cabinet Member and Convenor for Finance & Corporate Services,East Renfrewshire Council


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes receives funds from charitable donations, individuals and corporate entities for re-distribution to deserving causes throughout East Renfrewshire assisting to make the lives of many people better. East Renfrewshire Council recognises the benefits of this and has provided one-off financial support to the Charity this year to assist them plan for the future. It is very encouraging to see so many deserving causes receiving help and the Council is very grateful to the Board of the Charity and its volunteers for the support they provide".
Lorraine McMillan, Chief Executive of East Renfrewshire Council


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes is an integral part of the community, and one which so many people have benefited from. Russell keeps in regular contact with the paper, drumming up support from our readers in order to fund his heroic efforts, and myself and my colleagues are only too happy to oblige. It cannot be easy to spread a group (and its funds) so thin, with so many wide and varied individual cases – but Russell and the team seem to manage regardless, and I am sure there are thousands of East Renfrewshire residents who would love to see the charity gain recognition for making a difference to their lives".
Gillian Loney, reporter at the Glasgow South & Eastwood Extra Newspaper


"The ongoing work of Russell MacMillan and East Renfrewshire Good Causes is quite remarkable. Over the last few years Russell has raised thousands of pounds for so many deserving causes and his energy and enthusiasm seem to know no bounds. His own story of overcoming the odds is moving enough but it is impossible not to be impressed and touched by the difference he has made to the lives of others".
Ken MacIntosh MSP


"Russell has overcome a number of setbacks in life, but this has not stopped him doing so much for many others in the local community who have suffered in some way. Eastwood Rotary Club is delighted to work in the local community in conjunction with East Renfrewshire Good Causes and wish them continued success in the future".
Ronnie Munn, Charity Convener, Eastwood Rotary Club


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes is a great success. Conceived in better economic times, it is needed more than ever now. Take a look at the list of who and how they have helped and think whether you can support them".
Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP, Shadow Defence Secretary


"I am delighted to provide a testimonial in support of East Renfrewshire Good Causes. The Charity, which is focussed on otherwise unmet needs of individuals and communities in East Renfrewshire, provides valuable assistance to many deserving causes every year including the provision of funding and practical aids to support local vulnerable people. Through the hard work of the Charity and its volunteers in fund raising and attracting donations from individuals as well as corporate donations, many people in difficult circumstances have benefitted from assistance by the Charity. As a Councillor in East Renfrewshire as well as a resident I offer my wholehearted support and thanks for all the hard work undertaken by everyone concerned with the Charity in making such a positive difference to the lives of those in need".
Councillor Mary Montague
Convener for Community Safety and Community Services


"We have supported ER Good Causes over the last couple of years and have been delighted to assist the charity with the tremendous work they undertake in the East Renfrewshire area. Many people in difficult circumstances are supported by ERGC with often life-changing consequences".
Craig Jamieson, Director, Barclays Wealth


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes is a true friend of the Carers' Centre and has over a number of years supported many carers to purchase vital equipment without which their caring role and life generally would be much harder. We look forward to this close relationship continuing long into the future and many more carers benefitting from the wonderful efforts of East Renfrewshire Good Causes!".
Mark Mulhern, Centre Manager, East Renfrewshire Carers' Centre


"Russell Macmillan is an inspiration to all of us working for the benefit of the local community. His drive, commitment and dedication to helping others is immense. ReUseIt is delighted to have an excellent working relationship with ERGC and looks forward to continuing mutual support in the future".
Marie Wood, Director, ReUseIt, East Renfrewshire's furniture recycling community project


"It is rare to find a true charity which really does make sure that all donations go to the people who need them. The yearly lists of achievements are evidence in themselves that ER Good Causes is going from strength to strength and has become a very valuable local resource. Without the hard work and commitment of Russell and everyone at ER Good Causes, there would be many more people in East Renfrewshire who would be continuing to struggle and suffer from social exclusion. I look forward to supporting ERGC for many years to come and hope that they will continue to receive the support needed to enable them to keep helping people in our local community".
Joyce Jordan, UCanDoIT Tutor and Development Co-ordinator


"Recognising the tremendous contribution that Russell MacMillan has made to the benefit of the local community, The Avenue has chosen East Renfrewshire Good Causes as its charity partner and is fully committed to working alongside Russell to help achieve the charity's objectives. The Avenue has a long and proud tradition of raising considerable funds for charitable causes, thanks to the generosity of the people of East Renfrewshire, and is wholly dedicated to supporting Russell and East Renfrewshire Good Causes as part of its ongoing community engagement".
Michelle McCabe, Centre Manager at The Avenue Shopping Centre, Newton Mearns


"I am delighted give a testimonial to support ER GoodCauses because without your support many people would not get the invaluable support they need - such as the elderly bowler, from Eaglesham, who can now join his fellow members, on the green, at Eaglesham Bowling Club because he has a wheelchair fitted with special wheels".
Charlie Gilbert, ERC councilor


"I've been very happy to support East Renfrewshire Good Causes over the last few years. Many of us support causes that make a vital difference to people's lives all over the world but we must also remember the truism that charity begins at home. East Renfrewshire Good Causes with a local focus and commitment makes the best possible use of funds to maximise the benefits. Please give regularly regardless of how little and it will be put to good use to help our neighbours in need".
Cllr Alan Lafferty
Deputy Leader of the Council & Convener for Social Work & Health
Labour Member for Busby, Clarkston & Eaglesham


"I am delighted to have supported ER Good Cause from the beginning. The charity driven forward by Russell does great work in all areas of East Renfrewshire no matter what their background as it delivers to all who have fallen on needy times. The team that help are outstanding and it says a lot that no contribution is too small and they all go towards the good causes not expenses like some charities. I am sure it will go from strength to strength as it is such a simple way of improving resident's lives".
Ralph Robertson
Councillor Ward 4 Netherlee, Stamperland & Williamwood


"As you well know through my membership of Eastwood Rotary, I am always happy to support you and ER good causes. And hope we will see you soon after our AM/AM golf. Best wishes to you and all your good work. Kind regards".
Barbara Grant
Councilor & Member of Eastwood Rotary


"I know East Renfrewshire Good Causes has helped people, because ERGC helped some of my constituents when the Council couldn't. There are cracks in the pavement that people fall through and Russell and co are there to help them. ERGC is there to help our neighbours that cannot be helped by the statutory agencies. ERGC operates as a failsafe and are there to help people who for lots of reasons don't fit into a neat category and the state can't help".
Jim Swift, Councillor


"I'm very happy to add my testimonial of the terrific work being carried out across East Renfrewshire by East Renfrewshire Good Causes. I am a subscriber to the charity because I see, sometimes at first hand, the good that can come from people making donations to help others in a less fortunate position. The success of ERGC is down to people like Russell, his wife, and the others who monitor requests for help and make decisons based on humanitarian reasons. It benefits from the lack of bureaucracy which so often prevents the action being taken that is needed at the time it is needed. I encourage residents to get behind ERGC and make a regular donation".
Douglas Yates
Deputy Council Leader
ERC - Health & Social Work


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes has achieved tremendous work in our community. This wouldn't be possible without the "redoubtable" Russell MacMillan at the helm, showing what community is all about - with an amazing ability to get to the heart of a problem and make a real difference to people's lives. If ever there was a better example for using the saying "Actions speak louder than words", it would be ER Good Causes, it pretty much says it all, touching peoples lives when it matters most to them, concerned about people not paperwork, and doing it in the most caring way that shows humanity in its best light".
Hugh Moore
Chairman, Giffnock Community Council


"We would like to send ER Good Causes a big thank you. Once again ER Good Causes stepped in when our centre found ourselves with equipment expenses we couldn't cover but without replacement would have a big impact on how we provide quality service to the people with dementia and their carers in this community. On this occasion we lost essential equipment and the storage space when our hut was damaged beyond repair in the January storms. I contacted Russell, who as always was keen to help and together we have replaced the hut and the equipment. ER Good Causes give a life line to centres like ours and allow us to ensure that no matter what the weather throws at us our clients and carers will not suffer as a result. Thank you again".
Markina Murray
Age Concern Eastwood Dementia Centre


"ERGoodCauses has been of enormous benefit to some of the most vulnerable citizens in our community. The model of local people giving for the benefit of other local people has proven to be both simple and effective. It is a most valuable resource and our staff are enthusiastic supporters".
Julie Murray
East Renfrewshire Community Health and Care Partnership


"I am writing in my capacity as trustee of Trust Funds administered by East Renfrewshire Council. Many of these Trust Funds were set up a considerable time ago, for purposes such as "to assist the deserving poor" of a particular community within the Council's area. The Funds were therefore set up with a good purpose in mind and it is important that they are put to good use in keeping with the donator's intentions. Prior to the establishment of ERGoodCauses it could be argued that the utilisation of some of the Council administered Trust Funds was sporadic and not fully delivering the community benefits of their intended purpose. ERGoodCauses has brought a structured approach to applying for and drawing down available Funds with requests for funding being accompanied by detail of the cases in question. The result is that with the help of ERGoodCauses, over the last few years community investment has increased significantly. The benefits this investment is delivering are tangible and a credit to the hard work and dedication put in, in particular by Russell MacMillan".
Norie Williamson
Director of Finance
East Renfrewshire Council


"East Ren Good Causes has been a fantastic vehicle for delivering genuine, life-changing help where and when its needed. Russell's commitment is self-evident, but also worthy of note is the compassion and care of all involved - and their tact is dealing with vulnerable people or sensitive situations. Every charity is worthy, but for making a difference across such a wide range of scenarios and demands, ERGC is unique in the help and support they provide. Quite simply, they make East Ren a better place".
Allan Hodge
Glasgow & Southside Eastwood Extra


"I am proud to be a supporter of ER Good Causes. The charity does outstanding work in the community, helping vulnerable and deserving people who need just that little bit of support to improve the quality of their lives. Every penny is wisely spent, and makes a positive contribution to the life of the recipient. I contribute to ER Good Causes because I believe charity should begin at home, and because I want the donation I spend to go to someone who needs it and not on the overheads big charities carry".
Vincent Waters
President ER Chamber of Commerce & President of the Association of Scottish Community Councils


"SSAFA Forces Help is the national charity helping serving and ex-Service men, women and their families, in need. Their volunteers service this need by making a case on their behalf to military and civilian charities. The Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Branch acknowledge the prompt and judicious assistance given to their clients in East Renfrewshire by Russell MacMillan and the charity East Renfrewshire Good Causes".
Mike Pepper, Chairman, SSAFA Forces Help, The Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Branch


"As a school, we encourage our pupils to be aware of the needs of people both "at home and away", and to play a personal part in contributing to meeting the needs of both groups. To help that focus, we will often split funds raised between a charity or project which targets people in other areas or countries less fortunate than themselves and a charity that provides for the needs of people within our own community. East Renfrewshire Good Causes provides an appropriate vehicle for that as we know the money raised for them will end up helping the folk in need around us and we have been happy to contribute to their work".
Andy Sinclair, Head Teacher, Barrhead High School


"The contribution which East Renfrewshire Good Causes makes to our community is very significant. Russell McMillan and his volunteers make a real difference to the lives of so many people in East Renfrewshire. Their fundraising enables them to make useful and imaginative contributions that allow people to deal with very difficult situations. Any one of us could need a little bit of help at some point in our life. I'm proud to live in a community where those who are struggling can get that help, from the community, via the good work of East Renfrewshire Good Causes".
Kirsten Oswald MP


"There is a lot of truth in the American naturalist John Burroughs quote that even the smallest deed is greater than the greatest intention. We are consistently impressed by the regular updates that we receive from ERGC which lists all good deeds that have been done in recent months. We support this fantastic charity who continue to make an enormous difference to a great many people's lives by the often small but nevertheless life changing actions they take within the community".
Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Land Investments


"Thanks to Russell and his team at East Renfrewshire Good Causes we were able to ensure that transport was provided for one of our pupils for an extended period of time. The process of accessing funds for our young person was extremely efficient. Having conveyed our need to Russell he was able to confirm within 24 hours that East Renfrewshire Good Causes would be in a position to support. The service provided throughout was excellent".
John Moffat, Pupil Support Teacher, Williamwood High School


"I congratulate the hard work that Russell contributes on behalf of East Renfrewshire Good Causes. Quite often charitable causes find it difficult to find a public voice; through Russell's commitment to help others and change their lives, ERGC have been able to help the community of East Renfrewshire through difficult times".
SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes is a great local charity, run by local people who walk the same streets we do in this area. What an encouragement to watch the passion with which Russell MacMillan of ERGC attempts to "love his neighbour" (as he calls it) and give back a little bit of life he believes he was gifted in his organ transplant. As a local church leader I am so aware of the many lives which have been touched by the good work of ERGC. For some, the combination of the assistance itself, the timing of that assistance and the simple knowledge that someone actually cares for them has been positively life affecting!".
Rev. Dr Scott Kirkland, Maxwell Mearns Castle Church


"East Renfrewshire Women's Aid (ERDAP) would like to thank Russell and Good Causes for the help they have given our vulnerable clients over the last few years. They have helped our women and children set up their own homes, and have given our children the opportunities that they may not have had. Russell has also been a great support to myself and my colleagues with signposting us to other agencies with the help that Good Causes cannot provide. Thank you for all your hard work and patience".
Karen MacKay, Refuge Support Worker


"ER Good Causes is a fantastic charity who provide great help to many clients in East Renfrewshire. Russell is a pleasure to deal with, and works hard to get the best outcome for those in need. I hope people continue to support this worthy cause for many years to come".
Emma Briggs, Social Worker (Jewish Care)


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes has given a number of Saint Ninian's High School pupils the opportunity of a lifetime by generously contributing to the cost of school trips. These experiences are often regarded as the most treasured in a child's life while also giving them leadership opportunities, development of social skills and an increased cultural awareness. Without the kind contributions from East Renfrewshire Good Causes as a result of their selfless dedication a number of our pupils would not get to take part in these activities that build confidence, positive relationships and lifelong memories. We cannot thank enough everyone connected with East Renfrewshire Good Causes".
John Docherty, Head Teacher, Saint Ninian's High School


"My role as a teacher allows me to help provide opportunities to young people out with their curriculum so that they can further develop the skill's they need to enter the workforce. Without the support and contributions of Russell and East Renfrewshire Good Causes many young people would not be able to take advantage of these experiences. East Renfrewshire Good Causes provides an invaluable service to the local community whilst offering support to families across the authority. To Russell and his team, thank you for all of your work".
Tony Low, Teacher, St. Ninian's High School


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes provided my client with assistance when they were in a time of need. Their support has allowed my client to have a safe and supported discharge from hospital. Good Causes were able to relieve the client's financial anxiety and stress, allowing the client to concentrate on their health and recovery. My client and their family couldn't believe that the charity were able to help them as they did. Accessing assistance was very straightforward and timeous. The charity assessed the situation in a confidential, person centred and non-judgemental manor. As a frontline worker dealing with crisis situations on a daily basis this resource is invaluable".
Charlene Craw, Social Worker (Eastwood 2 Locality)


"Once again East Renfrewshire Good Causes has stepped into the breach and saved the day. I was organising an outing as part of a social integration programme for ERC residents and had a shortfall to cover transport costs. Within an hour you identified my request didn't 'really' meet the criteria however not to be undone you contacted a similar charity, spoke up on our behalf and secured the required funds. Typical of behaviours from you. Thanks again Russell on behalf of the group and keep up the good work, which consistently improves the life of ERC residents".
Brian Walker, Levern Valley Service Manager, Barrhead Health and Care Centre


"As a frontline worker dealing with young people, I know how hard it can be for them to manage their own tenancy. Thankfully ER Good Causes provides an invaluable service that can relieve the stress and anxiety of setting up home for the first time. In the space of a few hours Russell read and confirmed the success of my latest application, which meant that a very grateful young woman was able to look forward to the delivery of a washing machine. In times like these the community is blessed to have ER Good Causes to call on".
Phil McGonigle, Support Worker, Connor Road Young Persons' Housing Support


"Russell and East Renfrewshire Good Causes have always been a fantastic help to the Money Advice and Rights Team as we look for assistance for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. The help they have been able to provide is truly changing lives. It is truly inspiring to see that in a time where people are struggling and are in need that there are people that are stepping up and helping. The whole of MART and our clients that Good Causes have helped are extremely thankful for all the energy, effort and compassion that is shown to everyone that contacts them".
Scott Cameron, Money Advice and Rights Team Support Officer


"The excellent work that East Renfrewshire Good Causes undertakes within our community is absolutely pivotal to ensure that the most needy and vulnerable within our local area are helped with vital resources, equipment and personal support to enable them to live as normal and happy a life as possible. Since starting ERGC Russell MacMillan has devoted an extraordinary amount of his time in building up this hugely successful charity. As the newly elected Independent Councillor at East Renfrewshire Council, I have great pleasure in supporting Russell and ERGC with all the work they do and am looking forward to seeing the positive effects they will make to so many people's lives over the next 5 years and beyond. The mark of any true civilised society is one that has compassion, generosity and a sense of community at its core. ERGC is very much part of our local community and I would urge anybody to support it whenever possible".
Councillor David Macdonald (Independent), Ward 4, Clarkston, Netherlee, Williamwood, Busby and Stamperland


"This is a superb local provision, fast becoming an institution. Real help for real local good causes and (good) people".
Austin Lafferty, Austin Lafferty Solicitors


"I was delighted to be ask to add a Testimonial to East Renfrewshire Good Causes. The charity provides invaluable assistance and sometimes, life changing help to the more vulnerable residents within our communities. It is an invaluable resource that unfortunately is much needed in these times of Austerity. Things that so much of us take for granted today, but are unreachable to others are made accessible by the excellent help and assistance that East Renfrewshire Good Causes provides. Knowing that something as small as a food mixer, that is provided by the Charity can make such a difference in someone's quality of living, heartens me. Everything must be done to ensure the continuation of this invaluable resource within our community".
Cllr Angela Convery, Ward No. 1 Barrhead, Liboside & Uplawmoor


"Over the years I have been so impressed by the hard work of Russell and everyone at ERGC. The money raised makes a huge difference to people across East Renfrewshire from the very young to the oldest in our community. The projects undertaken make a real impact to improve quality of life for people who are facing barriers for whatever reason. I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Russell to continue to make a real difference across East Renfrewshire".
Councillor Paul O'Kane, Scottish Labour and Co-operative Member for Newton Mearns North and Neilston (Ward 2)


"On behalf of Hazeldene Family Centre I would thank Russell MacMillan of East Renfrewshire Good in networking on our behalf to get support for our Summer Holiday Provision. In addition the financial support pledged by East Renfrewshire Good Causes will make an amazing difference to the children attending Hazeldene Family Centre during the Summer Holiday Provision. The location of our nursery has no public transport within a safe walking distance so we are unable to get the children out and about in the local community during the summer holidays. Due to the funding pledged by East Renfrewshire Good Causes our staff and children are now able to plan visits to local places of interest which will support children to understand and respect nature and the local and wider environment. Thanks you from all our children and families at Hazeldene Family Centre".
Liz Brown, Depute Head of Centre, Hazeldene Family Centre


"Thank you Russell and East Renfrewshire Good Causes for providing invaluable assistance to a young family in the local community, they have just moved into their first tenancy after four years living in homeless accommodation. Russell and East Renfrewshire good causes supported the family in their time of need and their new home is now a safe environment for their young children. The family are extremely grateful and your support has been immeasurable. Thank you".
May Blair, Family First frontline worker


"I have had the honour of being involved in helping Russell "Bring Technology to Life". He has inspired me with his commitment and dedication to a cause which in my opinion does not have the public focus it deserves. He uses technology in a way that allows people to experience a fuller life where their restrictions would normally stand in the way. He is both inspirational and inspirational in his commitment. As a result of his devotion to helping others, it has been a pleasure working with him in the past and I look forward to working with him and helping him going forward in the future".
Amran Ali, Business Manager, PC World, East Kilbride


"East Renfrewshire Good Causes, administered by Russell MacMillan, provides an excellent support facility in East Renfrewshire. Over the past 10 years many people have benefitted from his dedicated work eg in expressing concern and practical help in assisting with the purchase of much needed equipment. As Minister of Broom Parish Church I am very happy to support East Renfrewshire Good Causes in all that they do and sincerely appreciate and commend Russell in his continuing and most valuable work in the community".
Revd James Boag, Broom Parish Church of Scotland


"Brilliant work underway at East Renfrewshire Good Causes - Russell is a wealth of knowledge and understanding, providing resources in difficult circumstances and wisdom in undertaking such support. Their acts of generosity and commitment are making a difference to people's lives".
Revd Dr Derrick L Watson, Cathcart Baptist Church, Glasgow


East Renfrewshire Good Causes East Renfrewshire Good Causes