ERGC Store

Frontline workers - please phone first on 0141 639 8230 or 07714293256, then download this grant form and once completed, please email back to



ERGC Store

What is the ERGC Store?

The store is a way of frontline workers providing additional food and toiletries to individuals in ER, who are trying to help themselves. The store has items of non-perishable basic food and personal/household cleaning items that have been donated to ERGoodCauses by the public, groups and business partners.


Purpose of the ERGC Store

The store aims to raise the local standard by "Loving our Neighbours" through providing an additional "gift bundle" whose value will exceed £30+ of food and toiletries, to people who are deserving of additional support. Note - The current welfare state and the excellent "Trussell Trust ER Foodbank" are aimed at providing emergency "food need", and the ERGC store will provide gifts, "over and above" the current welfare state and Foodbank provision.


Typical Contents of a gift from the ERGC Store


Jan 16 - Toiletries and food gift - Approximate Value £30+

  • 4 bars of soap
  • 2 shampoo
  • 2 shower gel
  • 2 hand wash
  • 6 toilet rolls
  • 2 deodorant
  • 2 Toothbrush
  • 2 Toothpaste
  • 15 varied tinned food items
  • 5 dried food items

Note - we have little control over what people donate to us, and whilst we shall try and pick as varied a selection of food as possible, there may often be an abundance of a product, based on what we have been donated.


ERGC Store


Quote from Social Worker
"The help that our clients receive from ER Good causes is a blessing and is very much appreciated by all. A lot of clients face many challenges, whether that be unemployment, housing issues, health and low income. Many seek help from our Social Work department and are provided with food bank vouchers or electricity and gas top ups. Recently we have been able to offer them addition goods from ER Good Causes, this includes food bags, toiletry packages, high street shop vouchers, even a bicycle which helps our client commute to work. There is a continuous need for donations in the East Renfrewshire area and without the generosity of our local community; many of our clients would be struggling. We are all very grateful for the support we are receiving from ER Good Causes".


Food store at RBS at the Newton Mearns Avenue ERGC tackles food poverty problem Sell and Swap Clarkston

How the ERGC Store Works

Trained frontline professionals and other trusted workers at the "coal face" of our own ER community, identify folk and approach the ERGC Store to access a "gift bundle" for their client.


Target Client Group

The following are a few examples of the client groups we are aiming to try and show a bit of care and compassion.


1 - In East Renfrewshire, there are currently more than 25+ individuals whose ages range from 16 to 25 years, who have no family support or networks and the state, by law, acts as a "corporate parent". Many of these individuals will typically have grown up in council or foster care due to being orphans, parent/s unable to care due to substance misuse, mental and physical health break downs or where "kinship caring" relationships have failed, to name just a few reasons. These often isolated individuals are generally provided with a bedsit or very small flat and exist on £59 per week, of which the first £10 goes on gas and electric cards.


2 - In East Renfrewshire, there are over 60+ "sparsely furnished temporary units of accommodation" (houses/flats/bedsits) spread over Eaglesham, Clarkston, Busby, Giffnock, Thornliebank, Barrhead, Neilston and Newton Mearns. These units are used for homeless families, individuals, whilst the council attempts to find permanent tenancies. The individuals residing in these temporary flats/houses are often in great need and may have absolutely nothing, This may be for example, due to bankruptcy, unemployment, poor physical or mental health, or maybe domestic breakdown or fleeing domestic abuse, so a gift of extra "food/toiletries" can go a long way when someone may be at one of their lowest points in life. Note - The Scottish Government passed legislation which requires all local councils to provide a "roof over a person's head" to prevent people having to "sleep rough".


3 - Low income households with possibly one 1 low wage earner, or no wage coming in due to disability or having to be a full time Carer for a disabled child, spouse, parent or other maybe elderly family member.


The ERGoodCauses store aims to "Love our Neighbours" in East Renfrewshire, and particularly targeting help at those who are trying to help themselves and/or others around them. By providing a £30+ gift of food/toiletries to a low income household, can allow existing money to be diverted to buy a pair of school shoes or clothing.



ERGC Store


Where is the ERGC Store Room based? (not open to the public)

Maxwell Mearns Castle Parish Church in Newton Mearns has been good enough to provide ER Good Causes ERGC the storage and sorting space within the church buildings. As "Loving Your Neighbour" is one of the major principle of Christianity, and is also a driving principle of ERGoodCauses, this "free of charge" space has enabled ERGC to carry out this principle of Loving Our Neighbours in a practical way within our local East Renfrewshire area, and ERGC is very grateful for this practical support from this church.


Where do the food/toiletries come from?

The food/personal and household cleaning items come via donations from the public, groups and businesses. The cleaning products to start the toiletries side of the store came from the following groups in late 2015:


  • "Sell & Swap Clarkston" and the "Mearns Gossip Girls" Facebook groups
  • "Sounds International" singing group collection
  • "Maxwell Mearns Castle Church" congregation
  • "The East Renfrewshire leisure trust" staff collection


To mention and thank a few of the many.


How Can You Help

The 4 Royal Bank of Scotland branches in East Renfrewshire, located in Giffnock, Netherlee, The Avenue Shopping Centre in Newton Mearns, or Barrhead, all have ERGoodCauses donation collecting bins within store. If you would like to donate any non-perishable food like dried pasta and sauces, cereal, biscuits, tinned meat/fish/vegetables/soups/sweets etc as examples, and any household or personal cleaning products like shampoo/soap/washing up liquid/toilet rolls or other similar items, please place them in the collecting bins within the bank branches.


If we can all pull together and "do our little bit" by donating all year round, we can collectively raise the standard for our neighbours who are trying to help themselves. Thanks in advance for your ongoing support, and helping ERGoodCauses to "Love our own Neighbours" in our own area.


Russell Macmillan - Founder of ERGoodCauses - 2nd January 2016


ERGC Store



Russell and Yvonne (photo below) delivering a boot full of toiletries to Overlee House for distribution amongst the many homeless living in temporary accommodation across ER. In the floorspace and back seat of the car, is another load of toiletries going to the East Renfrewshire Domestic Abuse project, who will distribute goods amongst women and children who are fleeing domestic abuse.


ERGC Store


The bags of food and toiletries in the photograph below were received in December 2017 from Broom Church congregation, Broom Church Guides and Brownies, Mearns Primary School, 145th Giffnock Scout Group and Sounds International choir group.


ERGC Store



Note - In the unlikely event that we are unable to distribute the ERGC Store gifts within East Renfrewshire, any excess products may be distributed into deserving causes/groups in neighbouring authority areas - most likely Glasgow. However, we expect there to be plenty of demand for these gifts within our own East Renfrewshire area.

Russell Macmillan - Founder of ERGoodCauses