Kirkhilll Primary Class 4 bake sale raises funds for ERGoodCauses whilst educating children along with encouraging entrepreneurship

We all had a vote to see what we could do to raise money for a charity. We got into groups and wrote down things we could do. We decided to have a bake sale. In ICT we looked up some recipes we could use, we decided on traybakes to make it easier to cook. We voted and decided to do a malteser cake and mars bar cake. Then we moved on to deciding the date. We decided on the 19th of June and wrote a persuasive letter to our head teacher asking her for £25 to buy ingredients. She gave us the £25 and we bought the ingredients. We had a practice run so we could make any changes and taste the cakes before we sold them.


Kirkhilll Primary


We invited some of our parents and family members in to our classroom for a cake sale. We served them drinks and a piece of the cakes we had baked in return for a donation. At the end of the afternoon we counted the money raised and we found out we had made £138.64. We had to return the money we had borrowed from our head teacher so that meant we ended up with £113.64 which we could send to East Renfrewshire Good Causes. We were so pleased that we had made enough money to create 4 care packages with some left over too J.



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